Hard to Believe That These Delectable
Desserts A
re Also GLUTEN-FREE!   

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Sinfully Delicious Desserts That Please        Even The Most Fastidious Palates!



Carrot Cakes

Tasty Desserts That Will Not Sabotage A Healthier Lifestyle! 


Our Desserts Are Good and Good for You!

    - All Natural

    - Nut Free (with the exception of Almond Amaretto and Peanut Butter cheesecakes)

    - No Preservatives

    - No Additives

    - No Artificial Flavorings


While our desserts are loved primarely because of their great taste and superb quality, an additional appealing quality is that they are also all GLUTEN-FREE.  A very important factor to those who subscribe to a gluten-free lifestyle is that our products are manufactured in a wholly dedicated GLUTEN-FREE facility thus are free from the possibility of cross contamination. Our claim is backed-up by the seal of recognition from the Celiac Sprue Association (CSA). This seal indicates that our products are free of WBRO (wheat, barley, rye, and oats) and their derivatives, and that we have met the criterion for gluten of less than 5 ppm.